Pearl X Lacrosse Balls

re-engineered, greaseless, lacrosse balls

Pearl NX Lacrosse Balls

greaseless, same look/feel as a game ball without the rebound

Pearl LT Lacrosse Balls

textured lacrosse ball

Guardian Caps

reducing impact, one hit at a time

PEARL X Lacrosse Balls

Our re-engineered PEARL X lacrosse balls are made here in the USA with a special elastomer that never greases or hardens unlike traditional rubber lacrosse balls. PEARL X balls are SEI certified and meet the softer, safer NOCSAE spec.

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PEARL NX Lacrosse Balls

Designed to match the size, weight, and feel of a standard lacrosse ball, PEARL NX no-bounce lacrosse balls provide all of the feel without the bounce or rebound. This ball is made of our re-engineered elastomer and never greases.

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PEARL LT Lacrosse Balls

One-of-a-kind textured lacrosse balls that are SEI certified for gameday and meet NOCSAE specs. PEARL LT’s slight texture prolongs its grip and delays the effects of greasing.

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Lacrosse Caps

The leading soft-shell helmet cover engineered for impact reduction. It brings padded, soft-shell technology to the outside of the decades old hard-shell football helmet and reduces impact up to 33%.

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October 1, 2020

What are the differences in PEARL lacrosse balls?

What are the differences in PEARL lacrosse balls? Since creating “The Pearl” back in 2016, Guardian Sports continued to innovate and expand our product lines within lacrosse creating a company solely dedicated to lacrosse, PEARL. We know buying lacrosse balls can be more confusing than it should be, so we wanted to simplify it for […]

September 17, 2020

Why are lacrosse balls certified?

Lacrosse balls can be made out of different formulas but in order to be used in lacrosse games, they must be certified lacrosse balls.  See Nate Prigmore’s experience that led to a ball mandate. How do lacrosse brands get the NOCSAE®SEI certification? Brands and manufacturers must submit an extensive packet of lacrosse ball production information, […]

September 11, 2020

What Are Lacrosse Balls Made Of?

Throughout history, lacrosse balls have been made of different materials.  There are currently two different types of lacrosse balls certified for games and being used today – latex rubber made overseas & crosslinked polyurethane made in the USA. What are lacrosse balls made of? According to certification standards, lacrosse balls must be made of a […]